Company History

Bradford Cylinders have been designing and manufacturing engineering products for over 100 years.

In the earlier years the company specialised in producing metallic seals for the shipbuilding industry under the name United States Metallic Packing Company (U.S.M.P).

Spares are still supplied for these products.During the last 50 years Bradford developed a range of standard heavy duty cylinders for use in the world wide steel industry.

The design of special cylinders are Bradford’s area of excellence. Cylinders have been designed for all area’s of steel production – Blast Furnaces, Continuous Casting, Hot and Cold Rolling, Process Lines.

The company has also used this expertise to design special cylinders for Aluminum, Marine, Off-shore, Forging and Process industries.

With Bradford’s long involvement in all area’s of engineering, references are available to provide a solution to any hydraulic cylinder requirement.