Special Hydraulic Cylinders

With over 50 years experience, the design of special cylinders is Bradford’s area of excellence. Cylinders have been designed for all areas of Steel production, including Blast Furnace, Continuous Casting, Hot & Cold Rolling, Process Lines.

The company has also used this expertise to design special cylinders for Aluminium, Marine, OffShore, Forging & Process Industries.With Bradford’s long involvement in all areas of engineering, references are available to provide a solution to any hydraulic cylinder requirements.

Bradford Cylinders are approved to: BS EN ISO9001:2008.

Testing – Four high-pressure rigs are available. Fluids used include, mineral oil, water based fluids, Nitrogen and special fluids to suit customer requirements. Test pressures in excess of 1000 bar. All cylinders are pressure tested 50% above design pressure.

For further information –

Tel :  +44 (0) 1274 711530

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