Rotary Actuators

Bradford Rotary Actuators are rugged heavy duty units capable of transmitting torque of 6,000,000 lbs.ins. Through rotational angles of 360 degrees or greater, with racks strongly supported to prevent deflection and provide long working life in arduous operating conditions.

Units can be either single or twin rack construction with the centre pinnion supported by heavy duty ball/taper roller bearings (subject to application). Units can be designed to specific requirements and where necessary due to to space constraints, intermediate transmission gears can be fitted to position the rack further away from the output drive.

Adjustable cushioning can be provided at the end of rotation positions and positional transducers can be fitted within rotary actuator, feeding signals to a computer controlling the process or to give a simple read out of angular rotation.

Actuators are sized on optimum conditions subject to available pressure, the tabulated list is for guidance only, but please do not hesitate in contacting us with your detailed
requirements to enable a formal proposal to be forwarded to you.

For further information – Tel : +44 (0) 1274 711530

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